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SOLVED - Info Div on Topic Top


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I would like to know if someone is interested in sharing costs for this mod and if someone is interested in creating this mod.
I guess if nobody is interested I will pay it myself, but so far I want to try to share expenses since my budget until end of year is low.


I need to add a custom div between the top of the topic 1st post and the title and add customised information. ( check pictures if I explained myself poorly). The div should appear in all pages, for example, if the topic has 4 pages, it should appear above any of the 4 pages.
I need to add the following info

  • URL
  • Custom text for the URL, so it can say "click here" . "full information here" or "to know more click here" ( depending on the topic)
  • Background color option ( so I can decide what color I can use ) using a RGB Palette 
  • Link Text color ( so I can decide if the text is better in white or black, depending on the background)
  • Text size: ( standard size 14pt, ) and the ability to make the text bigger or smaller

The general concept is that admins and/or moderators  using the "moderation option" for the topic, can add an "info Box" or "info Div"  ( whatever you want to call this ) for each topic.
Then a small modal window should appear asking for:  Text, URL, size & colors for the text and the background.

After refreshing, a new box under the title would appear with the data. 
I would also require the option, once the data is saved in a topic, the option to delete it or clean the information by the admin or a moderator.  
Of course every topic would have a different info div, with different text and different URLS

How could this look like ? Like this:


or like this:


or this:



General Concept, how and why you would use this mod ---

Sometimes topics share similar interests in Communities. The common way to warn users is adding a new post saying "Guys click here if you want to talk about this", but it's not effective for one simple reason, users need to catch that reply. If you add a reference on the top of the topic for all the pages, you can display important information easily for all users.

Imagine you have a new topic about a new galaxy phone, and a moderator wants to tell readers that there is a full club with more information about Samsung. The moderator could add a catch line like "Click here to join our Club about Galaxy Products" and the link to the club or whatsoever to encourage users to join the club.

Also, this would be an effective way to link 2 topics together that combine perfectly. For example  Reviews with profiles, book topics with writer topics etc.

Finally, since the option include a custom URL, the moderator could also add a "search URL" inside the Community. Something like: "if you want to read more suggestions about clubs - click here" and you could a custom URL like this one:  https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?&q=clubs&type=forums_topic&nodes=499,505&search_in=titles


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Definitely yes ... 

It's a 90% of what I was looking for . :sweat: 
( I'd like to get rid of the avatar name and message, but alas!!  it's a minor peeve. )

>_<  I swear I read all the announcements for 4.2 like  reactions, clubs, restoring deleting posts etc ..  and I missed this one

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