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Reduce height of the big quotes


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I think every forums got the situation, when some member quoted very big post with little answer. My proposal is add to the quote field option for hide all other quote (show only first 3-5 lines) with the button 'show all quoted content' in the bottom of the big quote. It can be as default for all quotes (all post quote, multiquotes, inline quote) - if content gets more then 5 lines - cut log part of them and show only first 3 lines. That numbers is for example can be optional - of course.

If you have some troubles with logic of that function - we (me and other devs here) can provide good solutions of them.


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53 minutes ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:

Did you check 

No, thanks for the link. Tried it on the test instance. Two moments bad - 3 lines (as i set in settings) cut to 2 lines. I think it depends on my template style. Not sure about that. Second part - not good visual of 'read more' button. I saw it's like a default cutted text wrapper, but this place is not good for that. Other side - plugin can't understand image height inside and image with height = ~10+ text lines not cut. Yep, may be it's only mine problems. From the box it's not good for us. But it'a a good start for make everything what i need by himself. Thanks again for link :thumbsup:

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