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Help with fixing some characters after conversion


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Hi, I have duplicated my forum on another server to test the upgrade from 3.4.5 to 4.2

I went through the conversion to utf8mb4 and for the most part all looks fine (still on 3.4.5) except for some characters like ‘WORD’ instead of ‘WORD’

The result of the conversion was all good otherwise:


IP.Board Character Set: utf-8
Database Character Set: utf8mb4
Original table prefix:
Converted table prefix: x_utf_
350 tables are utf8mb4
0 tables have incorrect collations
Can use 'dump' method: true


Is there a way I could fix those characters? I was thinking of replacing via a database query to replace individually (for example use ‘ where there is ‘)

I haven't updated to 4.2 yet and maybe that takes care of it, but wondering if otherwise replacement by queries is the way to go, and if someone can help me out with an actual query to replace these.


PS, the problem seems to be mostly with foreign characters.



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