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IPB: Changing host, can login into frontend but not on Admin

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So basically, since yesterday I am trying out a new hosting to get my already running forum with. My forum has been running for about one year on Siteground so far, and I am changing it to a "cloudflare-nginx" server.

Atm, I am trying to run the forums on an alternative domain, just to check out the performance of the webhosting. The steps I've did were:

1. Backup entire files and database
2. Upload all files with FTP and import *.sql files to DB
3. Guarantee folder have correct permissions
4. Change database connection details in conf_global.php

At first, everything seems to be working. Login in the frontend seems to be working perfectly and I appear to be logged in even after changing page. All that.

However, as soon as I insert my data to Admin CP, the page kinda refreshes and asks me to input all data all over again without any error message or anything similar. If by any chance I do insert invalid data (like a username or password) an error message does show up.

In my opinion, it looks like it is not correctly saving cookie data, however I don't understand why it works in frontend and not in backend.


Any ideas?

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