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Specific urls allowed &while all others moderated


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Hello everyone,

is there a plug-in that maybe does the following?

i need specific urls to be allowed, [ like urls from the same website or our other website plus image uploading websites such as imageshacks photobucket etc]. but all others to go to the aprooval queue I,e, to be monitored.

does this exist? Or does it have to be  done?

my guess is that at the link filtering tab there should be an allowed urls option....









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@Adriano Faria

 Hello and thank you for your time!

unfortunately from what I can see there is only the option to allow only link a b c  - which means all others are not allowed .

Ideally at the second option in that tab i’d like this to happen:

 If a link is posted :

a) allow + automatically aproove any post  containing links to those domain names

www.  , www.  Www.     Www. Www. 


b)moderate ( the rest ) 

 from what I read one can only do the opposite, block everything except link a,b,c,.

for me the part that involves “automatically aproove “ is very /the most  important. 




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@Adriano Faria  its not working... :-(  so I ll need the plugin after all! 

 it seems I was prematurely  happy - unfortunately after speaking with support I must write here that this is not working... if someone wants to moderate external links there’s no way to separate a few that are allowed (and images from them) , from all others.

it might seem to work, but it doesn’t in reality. 

Back to zero... and I need a solution kind of asap...

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Thank you, I have done that and I am waiting for the answer. 

Right now after upgrading to 4.2.6 the selected links are allowed to be in a post,

but not as an image (via insert image via url) - this still gets into the approval queue.

and the tags/ quotes of own site still get into the approval queue even when its an allowed url.

will post more on that as soon as i have news. 

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