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Dynamic Fields in Pages


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Hello, I have several fields in my database. I would like to to be able to have some load dynamically based on other fields. For example, I can have a list of games in a select box, then depending on which game they choose, 3 other fields will appear that are required, but are dependent on the game previously selected. 

Select a Game - 

  • Warcraft
  • Starcraft
  • Battlefield


if Warcraft - 

  • How many max level characters do you have?

if Starcraft-

  • What is your favorite race?

if Battlefield - no additional forms.



Also, when having a new article/record posted to a forum, is there a way to get all of these custom fields to show up in the forum thread, rather than a link to the database record?

edit - I figured this last part out, its in the field settings topic format.

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