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Profile photos from others social network


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When a member of a social network sign in to the ips suite, its profile photo from that social network is uploaded as a profile photo and in the ips suite.

That's fine, but for this member. What is the effect on your suite?

As soon as 4.0 was released I saw a new car moving very fast on the highway. Now 4.2 x is even capable of flying:thumbsup:

But, profile photos from other social networks, if I use the allegory from above, are like a blocked brake for your car.

When your site has several members with such profile photos online, speed your site loading sharply drops - as if the gallop racing has become a turtle ...

What to do - I think when a member is sign in with a profile from a social network, his profile photos must:
- to resize as the admin site has set up in "Maximum profile photo width/height ..." for groups

- to be stored in a uploads directory

- to load to show from a server on your site

Now all such profile photos are loaded from different social networking servers. This is a great brake in speed loading site.

Please developers IPS think and solve this issue.

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