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Embedding of Twitch & Vidme Videos

Fierce God

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I'm not sure if this was already posted, excuse me if it is

But the ability to post a link from twitch and it embeds and plays like a YouTube video


1. Embed a Stream and chat

2. Embed a Videos

Ability to embed a Video link from Vid.me


Yes i know that there are apps in the marketplace for this......but think of the little guys who dont have the money yet to buy a $65 app, or $40 to buy a app

For the ones dont like messing with having to set up a database/template

This would be good for those, even me (i have the $65 one & the $40)

But some would like to just post stuff in Forums for educational, tutorial, or for just quick posting


For the 4.3 version

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Adding embeds for Twitch clips / VODs (not a full live stream + chat) is very straightforward and I made a very simple plugin for my own forum to do it. I'm not sure how long the API will stick around since Twitch seems to love to constantly change that stuff.

I imagine that IPS will eventually add Twitch embed support into the core product but this works for me as a temporary stopgap.

Embed Twitch Clips.xml

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