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(NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

Nathan Explosion

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4 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

As stated...

And it is now released.

2 minutes ago, uA_Y_C_A said:

No logo?

Thanks - it does, but not when installed on its own (meaning with none of my other apps installed - they all feed off each other, in a way)

I'll sort it with 2.0.1, just 2 missing language bits.

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v2.0.1 has been submitted for approval with the following fixes:

  • FIX: Javascript modification to change the trigger event for the script from 'contentChange' to 'ajaxComplete', as there are an awful lot of contentChange events on a page that has a load of embeds (like Twitter etc)....oooffff!!!
  • FIX: added 2 missing language strings to resolve this reported issue
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1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Elaborate on what you mean by that...pages is covered (see permissions), so you need to explain further what you mean.

As there only say Forums, I guest it will not work for pages records and their comments sections, or I'm wrong? 

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14 minutes ago, kmk said:

As there only say Forums, I guest it will not work for pages records and their comments sections, or I'm wrong? 

Look at the "Permissions" section, as I said. That is where you control which sections of the site it is handled - just like in the plugin version, except it's split out to a separate form.

9 minutes ago, kmk said:

Try it recently and it looks like this

Did you add 'amr' to the configuration?

For me to help you further, show me your configuration settings and your permissions - and not cut-down versions of them; full screenshots.


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21 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

If you are requesting the ability to restrict which databases this is effective in, then please so...I suspect it is but I don't work on screenshots alone.

I'm going to make a slight change for the next "new features" version:

  • Move the 'Display video player in these forums' and 'Display audio player in these forums' settings in to the 'Permissions' section (the setting 'as-is' will be added to all existing permissions that anyone has put in place with v2.x)
  • Add the following additional permissions:
    • 'Display player in these databases' for Pages (audio and/or video specific)
    • 'Display player in these calendars' for Calendar (audio and/or video specific)
    • Note: I cannot add the same items for Blogs as I do not have Blogs on my license.
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8 minutes ago, Olmyster said:

Hello @Nathan Explosion. I had to disable the application because since its update, it causes problems loading pages on the forum. Everything freezes and I have to reload the page. The problem is well caused by the application because it occurred with the update. Moreover, when I deactivate it, the pages load without any problem.

That's one of the reasons I released v2.0.1, which I see you downloaded a little while ago - I'll have another look to see if I can reduce the load further, but there is so much JS going on with a normal 'page' in general that it triggers things a bit too much with my app.

Getting tempted to go back to doing things behind the scenes in PHP and dropping the JS functionality.



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