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Unique topic image for sharing on Facebook


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I've searched very deep and have yet to find a solution for this. 

When sharing a topic on Facebook, I would like a way to set the image that is shared for that topic that is unique to the topic rather than the default sharer image set up in the ACP

Is this possible? A news article has a featured image that is used, but topics do not.

I tried (NB41) Topic Cover 1.0.0 in the Marketplace hoping that would do the trick, but it didn't. Calendar events work that way, but this didn't have the same results. 

Any suggestions? Thanks

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The topic cover app ended up working great after the publisher answered my request to make the photo the "og image" which is what FB pulls from. I had to add some code in the php file for the app, but it works great now. They were supposed to update the file in the next version in the marketplace but it doesn't look like that's happened yet. Let me know if you want the coding to add to the file. 

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