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just upgraded from 3.2x (haha i know) to current, questions!

Irish Cowboy

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hey all, so yeah we're on 4.25 or whatever it is now, and it's great!  few things tripping me up though:

- how do you pin/unpin topics? current mod CP in a given thread just offers "delete"

- is there any tool to convert all the old posts with YT links/etc in HTML to actually display? right now we just have the embedded code for all of them displaying

thanks in advance for any help offered here!

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1) It's at the top of each topic in the Moderation actions tab.  If you don't see this, make sure your permissions are set up correctly.


2) IPS4 should be rebuilding your posts, it takes time.  The rebuild should catch the embed links and fix them... 

EDIT: Or for #2, are you saying they were posted in raw HTML to begin with? 

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