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Better web-push browser notifications!


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I really would love to see some better handling of the web push ability within IPS.

I am seeing loads of sites implement this effectively, such as general Wordpress pages - the ability to notify people that new topics have been started, along with article updates, etc.. Would all be highly beneficial. The ability to send a custom notification would be nice also!

Does anyone else think this could be useful?

Let's try to discuss how we can make it better, then hopefully a third-party dev like @newbie LAC or @Adriano Faria may consider taking it on.

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Anyone got anything to add?

I honestly think this would be a great community addition, and I'm surprised it's not already released but it could be a powerful feature to draw members/visitors back to your site. Currently only members get the browser notifications right? I think any application/plug could address this, as guests should be targeted also in my opinion.

If anyone wants to see this happen, add your thoughts below - it's more likely to be created with support than without.

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