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Misleading text in anti fraud rules

Callum MacGregor

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I believe the text warning about anti fraud rules to be incorrect. For example when I create some rules i get this message: 


It says the the last rule that matches all conditions will be used. However, this is simply not true. If I have a rule called 'refuse' that blocks all transactions with a maxmind score of over 30, and another rule that holds for approval any transaction that has a maxmind score of over 3. If I order them so that refuse is after the approve rule (aka, it is the LAST rule, it never gets hit even with transactions with a 99% maxmind score).

I went ahead and checked the code, and indeed it doesn't pick the last rule, it will use end the rule lookup when it finds the first matching one:

		foreach ( \IPS\nexus\Fraud\Rule::roots() as $rule )
			if ( $rule->matches( $this ) )
				$this->fraud_blocked = $rule;
				return $rule->action; <---- matching rule found, end the loop here?!?!

I'm just pointing this out because the fraud rules have confused me for such a long time, so now I know why I'm posting here.



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