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Advice on images appearing wrong on Twitter


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2 hours ago, PPlanet said:

No worries. Good luck. :)


I have set up this app and it has created a first post, actually it appears to tick the box for me just trying to work out everything. Example, I have just created a feed to the main forums however, I would like to omit a couple of forums so still trying to work out how to do that. I appreciated I can set up individual feeds for each forum but we are limited to just 5 feeds in the free version and I have a lot more forums than 5. 

This could be a perfect alternative. 

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On 03/11/2017 at 3:07 PM, PPlanet said:

If you are still using IPB 3.4.5, go to the ACP, go to Forums > RSS Management > RSS Export > Create New RSS Export Stream

And there you'll be able to create a stream choosing just the subforums you want. Here are the settings of one of my RSS feeds


Oh wow thank you, so I can select multiple forums that's really good. I have already used this app and just getting used to it but it is very clever. 

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