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Group promotion isn't perfect


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why are group promotion rules only being executed when a targeted user visits the forum again?

For example: I have a rule for new people beeing moved to a different group after three days. But this rule is only beeing executed if a user visited the forum again. Then this special user will be moved to the next group.

But if a user visits the forum no more again or only after 10 days he stays in this "three days" group. This is not perfect in the case I want to target this three-days audience.

Could ips please move this promotion process to any cron job?

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We actually do it on-login for the users by design as a cron would create unnecessary overhead since it has to scan users who are not active.

Is the user in the wrong group causing problems? Of course the system corrects itself the next time the user visits so they would not be able to do anything.

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