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Immediate Tasks after upgrading to 4.2.5 ?


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Hi All,

I am doing the upgrade now from 4.1.17 to 4.2.5.

I like to know what all things I need to do/check immediately after upgrade ?

Is there any checklist for this ? 

Also, one more doubt:

In IPB 4.1, I have created a new theme "NEWTHEME" from the Default Theme and made all custom changes to: NEWTHEME

So, when the forum upgrades to 4.2.5, any new template changes of IPB 4.2.5 will apply only to the Default Theme ? (or) to my NEWTHEME also ?

I mean, all custom changes I did in IPB 4.1.17 to NEWTHEME will remain as it is ?

And I need to go to NEWTHEME templates, click a REVERT (so that they get a latest version) and then again apply my custom changes ?


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I just upgraded today from 4.1.9  with a custom theme. Basically, there are a few theme changes and you can use the theme differences tool to see changes or within your theme look at the modified templates.


One thing I'm stuck on now is having an issue with my custom theme not copying and pasting images and embedding properly. Still trying to figure it out.

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