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Do now show ads on thank you, exit, log in, or error pages


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In order to comply with adsense rules there must be an option which will allow us to hide some ad blocks on exit, log in, error pages and other non-content pages.


Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content based pages like thank you, error, log in, or exit pages. These are pages that visitors see on a site before potentially leaving the domain or after performing a specific action on the site such as a purchase or download.

Ads that are the main focus on these types of pages can confuse a visitor into thinking that the ads are actual content, so do not place ads on such pages.


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Lindy said what they have an internal discussion on that:

2 minutes ago, Lindy said:

Just to note, we're aware of this concern and are considering solutions such as an option to exclude ads on login, error, register and pages that guests cannot access. 

Hope you'll not forgot also about other non-content pages as forms (contacts) etc.

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