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How do I remove this field for new registrations?


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When registering a new account - at the bottom of the questionnaire is another field denoted 'Birthday' and after that is a continue button.  If folks click 'continue' instead of 'create account' their registration is NOT created.  How do I remove this field?  It is not listed under Custom Profile Field Management.


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I believe I found the section in my template and removed it.  I rebuilt all cache but its still showing.  I recall there being some other place to recache template stuff?


well at least I got rid of the confusing button, but there is still a separate box / break its better but not perfect


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Sorry to bring this back from the dead but I was finally able to fully remove the Birthday field I was looking for and wanted to post an update in the rare chance anyone else had a similar issue.

Look & Feel - Manage Skin Sets & Templates - Edit appropriate template (Infinite Dark in my case)

Drill down in the Templates for - Registration Screen - registerCoppaStart 

Then omit that code and the "birthday box" aka general_box will disappear.


Birthday Box GONE 🙂


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