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Amazon S3 integration is great!


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I am moving our screenshots and uploads over to Amazon S3 and it's working perfectly.  This drastically reduces the size of our website backups and makes it much easier to maintain our site.  We no longer have to worry about gigs and gigs of extra files saved in every single site backup we download. :sorcerer:

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7 hours ago, Steve Bullman said:

This is my next step.  Does it help with site speed?  Does amazon do a better job of compressing images?  Having major speed issues currently 

Amazon S3 = storage.  It stores your files.  

Amazon Cloudfront = content distribution network (cdn).  It delivers your files.  

I use BelugaCDN as my CDN.  It pushes the files to various endpoints, which are physically closer to your end users so your website is delivered faster.  

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On 10/15/2017 at 4:03 AM, Steve Bullman said:

so do I have to have cloudfront along with s3?

No, they're completely separate services.  You use one service for storage, another for CDN. 

The stuff you have to do on IPS' side is pretty easy and they did a good job of implementing this.  This feature is one of the standout improvements in InvCom 4 for me.

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10 minutes ago, Steve Bullman said:

Yeah I see that...its the stuff amazons end im struggling with

I know, that's why I only mentioned IPS' side, ha.  

It's okay.  Take a deep breath, get another cup of coffee and retackle it.  I followed the IPS guide line by line back on 4.0 and I somehow managed to muddle through it :)

Good luck!

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