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MEMCACHED : Few questions.

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Hi All,

I use IPB 4.1 and installed MEMCACHE on my server, and enabled it in IPB Admin Panel. 

It seems to be working fine. 

However, I have few questions :

1) Memcached works on posts/pages viewed by guests. It does not apply to pages logged in by members. Is my understanding right ?

2) How do I check if a page is served from database (or) from cache ? When I look at 'View Source' of the page, it does not seem to be displaying any such cache info.

3) How does Google Analytics treat cached pages ? For eg, same page is accessed by 5 different users, then the page will be served to them from Cache. My doubt is that Google Analytics shows the number of users online on that page as 1 or 5 ?

4) in IPB settings, the cache page output is for 30 seconds. Is it a good idea to make it 300 seconds ? (I typically have 100-150 users online at same time, and max of 20 users on any particular post)

5) How & where can I check the page loading speeds before & after enabling Memcached ?

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1) Correct

2) There's no real way in the request to see that it was served from cache. If you are developing or testing, you can edit constants.php to add this which will show you all cache fetches

define( 'CACHING_LOG', true );

3) Google analytics operates in the browser javascript session and should register 5 different users

4) It's up to you and how long you are willing to accept 'stale' data for. If it is ok on your site for a guest to see a topic up to 5 minutes out of date, then the longer you cache the more performance benefit you get from it.

5) Google for "test page load speed" or similar. ;)


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