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Commerce Questions and Bugs?


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I have a couple questions that hopefully can be answered relatively quickly.

My situation is this, I want to sell some tickets for an event. I have two different prices, one for Adult and one for Student.

I'm trying to use the Sales Discounts portion of the setup, but may have found a bug.

I want to set it up where you purchase 10 student tickets you get one adult ticket for free.

Potential Bugs

1. I purchased 10 student tickets. I go to purchase 3 Adult tickets and it says they are all free!

2. Also if I edit the number of student tickets to 9 in the cart and go to checkout it still has the adult tickets as all free.

3. If I purchase 11 student tickets the Adult tickets are not discounted

Are there any work arounds for these?

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I'm not sure if Commerce is designed to support a situation like this.  My understanding of discounts is that it applies to the one type of product you're selling (eg. students) and discounts a second type of product you're selling (eg. adults), not mixed products (eg. ratio of 10:1 students to adults).

I'm also not familiar with any mods in the Marketplace designed to support use cases like this.  

Send in a support ticket to the IPS Client Area 

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