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Small glitch in API for getting forum topics

Dave Baker

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Just reporting that the API's response chokes when I have a quotation mark in the name of a forum, for the GET /forums/topics method. An example error being reported by the Perl script I wrote to call the API and process the response is:

The script died with:

  , or } expected while parsing object/hash, at character offset 332 (before "Forums")",\n        ...") at /home/www/scripts/message_digest/DigestTopics.pm line 84.

I took the quotation marks out of the name of the forum -- was Message Boards ("Forums") and now is Message Boards (Forums) -- which eliminated the problem.

Maybe something in the way the API is preparing the JSON response when a quotation mark occurs in that field? But I suppose it might also be an issue with the JSON module I'm using with Perl to decode the JSON.

Hope that's helpful -- thanks!

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