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Topic Reply/Comment Ban


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2 hours ago, motomac said:

Hi, @Faqole!

Really interesting plugin! Could you, please, add a timer for such bans? Because if I ban a user in a topic once, I probably won't remember it after some time. If would be nice if I can set an unban date. Right like a default IPS ban.

Yes, I suppose so. However the ban time will affect all users and not particular users. I can add it for an extra fee. Please contact me in private if you are willing to fund its developement.

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14 minutes ago, Thomas Surgent said:

Greetings. I just purchased and attempted to install this plugin - IPB 4.1.19 - each time I've tried to install it I get the "The page you requested does not exist" error. Yet through SSH I can confirm that the file in the /tmp folder does exist. Any ideas?

This looks like a problem with the server. 

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3 hours ago, Thomas Surgent said:

It's a dedicated server, I've got ten other plugins installed and have been running on this server for 3 years. Can you give me a hint what you suspect it might be? Thanks :)

Would you mind giving me admin access to your forum so I could take a look?

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