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Pages: Creating a form template for members to fill out

Deep Sea

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Yo! I read the Pages tutorials, and I'm gonna read them again, but I have very little practical experience in web design/development and I was hoping for some advice.

I'm setting up a roleplay forum.. I have a database for character profiles, that members can submit an entry to. What I'd like to do is set up some sort of form that applies an HTML template that formats the character sheet. The basic idea is that I would have fields for things like class, race, magic spells, stuff like that - and in the text editor, the member would fill these fields out. Once they press the Submit button, HTML/CSS magic kick in, and the entry is formatted to resemble a typical D&D character sheet.

I'm sure I'm missing something really basic, but the newb is strong in this one... Am I able to do this on a Community-hosted forum?

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7 hours ago, opentype said:

Yes, Pages databases work great for collecting and displaying this type of content. But the “HTML magic” needs to be setup by someone familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP and the IPS4 template logic. You won’t get very far without this customization. 

Well, I can handle HTML and CSS. I guess it's time to go read up on PHP!

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