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White Christmas 4.2.x


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14 hours ago, Robert Williams said:

Hi, I've just purchased White Christmas 4.2.x. 

Can you tell me how I install it (as the 'Theme Installation' link in the package goes to a non-existent page - https://www.ibtheme.com/forums/store/product/93-skin-installation/)


https://www.ibtheme.com/store/product/93-installation-services/ $5.00

13 hours ago, Robert Williams said:

Also, how much and how do I purchase copyright removal as the page - https://www.ibtheme.com/forums/store/product/92-copyright-removal-1-license/ doesn't exist again

https://www.ibtheme.com/store/product/92-copyright-removal-1-license/ $35

Sorry about links we moved forum and looks like missed few back links.

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