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list physical address's Country field in Privacy Policy etc.


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Seeing as I just acquired a PO Box for my business, I thought I'd check out how it's implemented in the Privacy Policy page.

I admit I was a bit surprised to see the Country field completely ignored.  Thus, my PP page gives the address LiquidFractal, PO Box 11157, Frankston, Victoria, 3199, which, since I'm based in Australia and not the USA, is potentially misleading to say the least, particularly for those people (and there are many out there) ignorant of the finer points of world geography.

Moreover, this issue highlights the fact that there should be more customisation available for how snailmail addresses are presented on the website.  Why should it be always and everywhere tied to the website's specific name?  If I own "LiquidFractal" as the site's general name, and my business is registered as "LiquidFractal Learning," I should have the choice as to whether or not to include one or the other in the specific snailmail address.  I'm no coder, but I'm hoping this could be a quick fix in an upcoming release (particularly including the Country field, which is critical!).

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