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Bill Edwards

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We are a community that is image heavy. For years our members have been posting photos in forum topics. There was a setting limiting the number of attachments and we had this set sensibly and never had an issue. At some point IPS removed this setting - a backward step in my opinion. Unfortunately I was unaware they had removed it until members started posting huge numbers of photos in forum posts - sometimes in excess of 300. These posts caused issues and I had to open a support ticket. I was told that forum posts weren't meant to hold that many photos and that I should be using the Gallery.

Point 1 - Why remove the setting to limit the amount of attachments in a post when the number of attachments in a post causes issues?

Point 2 - Why wasn't the removal brought to my attention given the critical nature of it and the issues it could cause?

We installed and introduced Gallery. I have tried my best to like Gallery, but it is not up to the high standard of the rest of the software suite. I've had to source plugins, even having custom plugins made just to get it to behave reasonably. I've had numerous support tickets open trying to sort bugs and it still isn't up to scratch. 

Point 3 - Will Gallery ever be brought up to scratch? If so, when can we reasonably expect to see it?

Gallery is so far below the standard we've come to expect from IPS that we've abandoned it and returned to forum based photo topics. @All Astronauts has added a setting to the excellent plugin Kitchen Sink to restore the much needed attachment limit.

So, our community has come full circle, we're back to where we started and we're happy. We've lost contributors and our forum is worse off for this episode. Please don't take away simple little settings - it has caused us much upheaval and trouble.

Point 4 - @All Astronauts is knowledgeable and very helpful. Why doesn't he work at IPS?

Many thanks


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