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product key problem


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I have a License key registered to a domain and i've decided to do a fresh install but i cant get it to accept the License key i've copied from my client area..

i get to the part where it asks for the License Key and then i click on continue and i get this massage.


An installation has already been activated for this license key. Your license key entitles you to one installation only. If you need to change the URL associated with your license, contact IPS technical support.

I've not used the License Key for any other domains...


Anyone know what to do with this..?


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9 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Use: License Key-TESTINSTALL then you’ll be able to use it as a test install. 

Thanks but i have a licence key for a test install already ...

1 minute ago, Ilya Hoilik said:

I'd suggest you to submit a support ticket as system must accept the license key on the licensed domain in any time. Check twice that your licensed URL and the URL you're trying to install Invision Community on are the same.

Yes i've just done that and they reset it for me... there's no way around it but to contact support.

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The only caveat I see is (I could be wrong here but it was this way a while ago at least when I tried) I had to use the 32bit version of it instead of the 64 as I could not get Zend and/or Ioncube to play nice with the x64 version as I needed to run (at that moment in time) a couple of versions of the 3x series, mainly 33x and 34x when they were still 'active' as such for testing.

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7 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

I use Wamp 64 on my Win 10 64. Ioncube isn’t required in Commerce anymore so no problem. 

Oh I know. :) At that point in time though I did need to be able to (easily!) run Zend/Ioncube hence having to pick the 32bit version. It may of been possible to get the x64 one to work with them but it did not want to behave so it was easier to use the 32bit to get it all working.

All in the past now we're obviously not accepting any 3x series files, unless the OP requires any other third party files or apps (maybe something not IPS related) that is encoded, but that seems unlikely.

I can always do a VM with an earlier version of Wamp if I ever do need to fire up 3x (or earlier!) for any reason I guess. :)

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