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Only allow $_.99 Paid Downloads Prices


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Good idea.

But the following conflict: As far as I can see, all prices entered by an file author in IP.Downloads always are net amount prices. As soon as you start using different TAX/VAT rates for different countries, it will change anyway. Then the total sum (gross) will always be different according to the TAX rate used...

I already suggested, that users should only be able to enter mandatory gross prices (=total end price) during the paid download creation. Then the according TAX/VAT rate should be substracted from the gross price. After that, commission and referral fees should be calculated on basis of the net amount.

Result: then the total prices are showing the same amount to every customer, independent from where he comes from.

After that, your suggestion makes sense for everybody :) 

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Have tidied this topic slightly, lets stay on topic for this. No need to descend to insults. :)

From a personal point of view I do appreciate the idea of an admin selectable choice for the seller (dropdown list maybe) in some circumstances although its obviously not gong to fit all sites, the idea does have merit in itself.

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