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Our Picks as default page misses images


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I have chosen System as default application and Our Picks module as default one. This makes Our Picks page to be my start page as desired.

However, I cannot see any images in the blocks on the start page. If I go to http://mypage//ourpicks/ I do see the images in every block of promoted item. When I go to start page http://mypage it looks exactly the same except that images are not displayed. I use the default theme on the version 4.2.4.

Can somebody reproduce it? Any solution?


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I have figured out that promote.css is missing when ourpicks is loaded as home page.

<link rel='stylesheet' href='http://mypage/uploads/css_built_1/aa0d3895a07f810ea9ac4b0e03928774_promote.css.928bee486ab78c7848d2f3a2d454f51b.css?v=56559abf19' media='all'>

This line is on the http://mypage/ourpicks ans is not on http://mypage

Is this a bug? How can I add missing styles to the homepage?

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