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How "Alone" Am I With This Little Bug?


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With the default theme; when I hover my cursor over a menu tab in Firefox or Edge, the tab changes. It doesn't in Chrome (giving me quite the headache with my theme).

You can try it out on my site landing-page, if you enable the default theme in the bottom.

Here you can see the issue; in both instances I've clicked the first tab and am hovering my mouse cursor over the tab ringed in red.

Chrome - the tab just highlights:


Firefox (and Edge) - the tab shifts:


It's close to a non-issue in the default theme, but results in users having to click twice when using the non-default theme, every time they use a different menu.tab.

However, I'm not sure this happens for everyone using chrome, so I was wondering what people in here experiences?

A simple "I (don't?) have it in Chrome" would  mean a lot to me.


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