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Plugin idea: message popups during editor entries on the fly


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There are many situations I would want to inform my members while they create/edit their thread/post contents in the editor. Before saving their contents!


  • User exceeds a limit of 3000 characters: "Did you know, that you can easily create downloads in our download portal? Especially longer texts are available as file download for offline use there! -> Link to download section in new window"
  • User writes a keyword: "Do you know our board rules? Some keywords might be considered as offensive by the community and could be warned if in the wrong context! -> Link to board rules in new window
  • User is a beginner with no contents and writes in commercial areas: "We deny users with 0 contents to open new threads in commercial areas, please create more quality posts first to be allowed to write here. Though you may post your responses to others here."
  • User inserts a forbidden link: "You may not use this link, and you will be warned if you publish it in our community. We just tell you before..."
  • User inserts any link: "Hey, have you read our link policy? If not, do this before you publish any links in our community. -> Link to link policy."
  • User posts/uploads images: "You must have the according ownership rights to post images. If you don't have them, you may not use them here. All uploads are on your own risk! Confirm here, that you have the according legal rights now!"
  • User posts more than <10> images: "You inserted more than <10> images, which is a massive load for mobile customers. Don't use that many. Only insert the 3 best ones!"

And many other options. In the editor, there should just popup a message with an optional link, and a "confirm" button, for only the first incident of each trigger. After confirmation, the user can go on creating/editing his content item.

It would help moderators to better handle users, that haven't read or understood the board rules, before they save contents, that will have to be moderated...

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