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More power for bulk email opt-ins!


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I'm talking about email marketing! Currently I feel that either the opt-in field in the registration process or in the notification settings "send me news and informations" (formerly known as: allow emails by admin) for bulk emails is taking a backseat in the functional (permission) priority. There is no workflow integration in the IPS suite, that could honor members that are willing to receive email newsletters.

Why email newsletters?

  • Inactive members could be reactivated to take part in the community
  • Members could be informed about special marketing actions, even if they are not logged in
  • I would enhance my monetization options
  • In case of "good emails" a member would become more trustworthy, as I know my emails will be received and there is a human member with an existing mailbox
  • Plugin authors could more easily integrate "bulk email" functions into their creations

I was talking to a lot application/plugin authors, if they could integrate a feature, that members may only use their applications or special functions in it, if they opted in for these bulk emails. Otherwise they should get a simple error message. Most of the times, I was responded that this would be an overloading or complex query in some situations and difficult to achieve.

Imagine, if you could only

  • edit your posts for a longer time if opted in
  • receive awards if opted in
  • take part in lottery games if opted in
  • can use the personal message system if opted in
  • be promoted to higher member groups if opted in
  • a.s.o.

Everybody knows: email marketing generates income! And I would like to generate more income.

I'm kindly asking to optimize the "bulk email" field with a general available permission setting, that could be used in more flexible ways.



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13 minutes ago, Cyboman said:

… that members may only use their applications or special functions in it, if they opted in for these bulk emails.

I like that. 

In addition: I would like to see a workflow, stock feature or plugin to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter without having to find the setting themselves. I imagine it like the Complete Your Profile block. Users who are not subscribed could be encouraged to subscribe in a nice way, e.g. with varying messages appearing at certain intervals (e.g. every 3 months): “Did you know you could do X if you sign up for our newsletter?” [One Click Signup button]

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i 100% agree !

IPS actually donsent take in count marketing and user re-engagement by emails.

we simply collect them .. we have more then 80.000 members, 95% are not actifs because they dont receive any thing from us, we cant handle and send manually every week or 15d a mailing .. an automatic option would be great

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Hi, we have another community website based on joomla / easysocial .. and we use acymailing, there are a lot of automatic actions and mailing that bring back our members, if they are not actif from a XX day, not read or open newsletters .. in addition of manual marketing actions that we perform every time.

we really had a chance to build this second webiste on jommla and not ips, ohhh my god when i imagine that we use ips for it ! thats a dead community and it become a basic forum for annonyms users.

any way

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I'm still having this on my mind.

Currently I'm looking for a workaround for this problem:

is there any way, to "filter members, who have opted in to bulk emails, and move them into a new usergroup"? and maybe a way, to remove them automatically if they opt-out again?

anyone interested to create such a small plugin?

All ideas to this missing functionality are highly appreciated.

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