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Restrict access to a non member when using Wordpress


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Can anyone help me with this - bearing in mind I am not technically minded so do not understand jargon etc.

Our IP board sits within our Memberpress membership site.
IP board is speaking to Memberpress to pull member information.

We have 2 types of members with access to our membership site.

1) people who pay to access our paid-for content
2) people who give us their email to access free resources

Both types of people will have a username and password to login to the membership site, but will see different things when logged in.

IP Board is only giving access to paying members based on user roles assigned in Memberpress by an SSO plugin.

However.  If a member stops paying their  membership (and therefore becomes a non-paying member) that user role is not being removed by Memberpress meaning they still have login access to the forum because they know the URL.

I have no idea what to do next???

How can I tell IP board that an expired person  shouldn't have access if the user role is not being removed??


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