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stop allowing copy in article section

Saurabh Jain

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After a quick Google search, this answer (the Accepted Answer on StackOverflow) details how you could accomplish this with jQuery, which is one of the libraries IPS uses:


As @Adriano Faria mentions though - it might be a waste of your time as if you goal is to protect your content, that's near impossible to do in an online setting. If all you want to do is dissuade people from attempting it, then the solution I linked to may do you a bit of good and is fairly easy to implement.

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19 hours ago, Joel R said:

Plug-in idea for @Adriano Faria

When user copies text, add line "This information originally written on foo.com" 


That could be done with jQuery/Javascript too - on the highlight/copy event, insert text into the copied object. Of course, there's nothing that could stop the copier from removing that line (if they notice it) when they paste it elsewhere. You could get sneaky though, with text that appears on hover (like in title attributes) that most people copying wouldn't notice in the source code.

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