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Paid request - new posts based on tags/forums

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I also think it's a very good idea.
I would definitely buy and use this widget too. 

What's the point of using tags ? if you don't make it easy for users to find content. Eventually they just become a visual aid only in search or topic list in prefix

Last year I suggested something like this too, but with an extra feature. The ability to attach a small picture per tag, so people could also have a visual aid when listing the topic, having a set of small pictures under the title that are actually tags, for example.  If you are talking about a book, you can add the tag "book" and a small picture of a book under the topic title.

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Hello @Adriano FariaThanks a lot again for another great plugin! I love it.

I wonder if it could be possible to add the possibility to Auto complete TAGS, the same way built-in tags work with IPS. Many tags can be long and if they can be written incorrectly. Auto-complete would solve the problem. I read this plugin was a paid request, I am just wondering if you would consider adding the autocomplete function as you type. That would make the plugin just perfect!

Second question... By default "Latest Topics" tab is displayed, is there a way to disable it? Some like me, would like to use to to show custom tags and not latest topics.

Thanks so much! Stay safe!


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