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5 hours ago, Madekozu said:

After the installation I have unfortunately only a blank page. What could that be?

We're working on this:) ( Nobody else has reported any issues with this app, we're also using it at fosters.tech without any issues. )

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On 4/27/2018 at 4:12 AM, CheersnGears said:

This appears to be breaking Https by showing mixed content.  Can you update the url to request the https version instead of http version? I've disable this plug-in for now, though I really like it.

Thanks,I have added this to our internal tracker.
You can expect by end of next week a brand new version with this and the feature requested by @Koper74

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A new version was released:)


New Features:

  • Link Whitelist

Fixed Bugs:

  • Switched to Protocol Relative URL to avoid http/https issues

There's now a new settings page where you can whitelist the urls

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Thank you, but the whitelist is of no use to us.
Instead, we need a blacklist where we can enter intranet URLs for which favicons cannot be displayed because the IPS cannot access them from the internet. It would be even better if we could manually assign icons / PNGs or similar to the URLs entered in the blacklist that would then be displayed instead of the favicons that cannot be determined.

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