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Google Cloud Storage new free tier with IPS 4.2x filestorage

The Old Man

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I saw Google are now offering a free tier that includes Google Cloud Storage.


I see the Amazon AWS guidance in the resource section, but there is nothing specific mentioned in terms of using Google Cloud as IPS's file storage option.

My managed VPS' SSD storage is getting slowly more full of member's attachments and photos/images (45%/25GB used of 60GB available), I so was thinking of perhaps trying a CDN.

I use about 13-21GB a month of bandwidth for everything.

Can we use Google Cloud Storage with IPS? Is it fairly straightforward to set up?

Many thanks :)

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8 hours ago, Flitterkill said:

Delimiter Obj.Space works fine. Cheap too.

Thanks, just reading your other interesting topic on this. 


@Lindy was going to look into adding support for other vendors.

Do you happen to know of a good and easy to use price comparison site for these cloud providers?

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