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Enforce permissions on images in the Gallery


Enforce permissions in the gallery  

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The gallery comes with some capabilities for permissions and file storage. Currently Images usually are stored within the webroot of the forum or outside of it. In both cases members without proper permissions cannot navigate to images they are not supposed to see (Having the images within or outside the webroot of the board has some performance implications - but for better security I'm willing to take that penalty)

Yet if you share a direct link to the image file it can be seen by anyone that receives this link - even if not a member of the community.

I'd like to request a way to be 100% safe the permissions for the files in the gallery are enforced. I currently store the images outside the webroot but the proxy that relays the image files does not do a lot of checks. Once I navigate to an image source I can view the image even in incognito mode (without logging in the forum).

To me trust in privacy is quite crucial. So I would like to use a solution that enforces the permissions in any case and is not only "somewhat" closed.

Thanks :)


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