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IPS 4.x Changed Moderator Settings


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Back when I upgraded from IPB 2.x to IPS 3.x, I don't recall the upgrade setting my default settings for forum staff so that they had to be re-enabled. Something I discovered when I was searching for a way to discover how to enable Clubs so that Admin and Moderators could be added. Suffice it to say, I discovered that every single privilege that I had originally set for my forum staff were all set to disabled and I spent an hour re-applying the moderators privileges for those who are forum staff. I'm wondering if anyone had a similar problem in regard to this? Honestly, I don't know when the settings were reset and I'm just assuming it happened with the upgrade to 4.x. Keep in mind that I didn't upgrade to 4.x until 4.1. It's been one big learning curve for me and I'm still sifting through the changes.

Would there be any reason why privileges for forum staff would be reset like that? Because while my forum staff remained in the moderator usergroup, I think that 4.x did reset the privileges. Simply because back in 3.x, you could appoint individual moderators to specific forums. That changed with 4.x, where all moderators were assigned to all forums and eliminated the single moderator per forum. I'm hoping that this won't happen with future IPS upgrades, such as IPS 5.x.

The rkeason I think IPS 4.x was the culprit was that there were major changes not just to the code, but also to the template system. Installed forum templates were reset to "0" whereas many of us had installed dozens of forum skins throughout the 2.x and 3.x upgrades.

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