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Uhh, something isn't right.


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It looks like the css is not loading.

Go back to the admin panel. :)

Use your browsers 'find' function to search for the 'Support' link then "Something is not working correctly" , hopefully you'll be able to see/click the button present nearby at this stage. If you can click it, do so and let it run. Then view the public side again to see if it has rectified the issue. :) Do this 'viewing' in a new tab/window so you keep your admin page open in case you need to run the tool again.

If needed or you cannot find it, the ending part of the URL for the Support link usually looks like &app=core&module=support&controller=support

If you are not sure about this / it does not work / something else it may be prudent to just submit a ticket in the Client Area. however the built in Support tool can sometimes rectify this issue which is quicker than awaiting a ticket response as the tool will run in a few seconds or so...



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