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e-mail sharing not working : how is it supposed to work ?!


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We've recently activated the sharing buttons into the community, twitter works quite well, but e-mail sharing does not seem to have the expected behavior : it sends a message to the given e-mail address, but no link is sent to the current topic being shared (!?)

Did I miss something ??

Thankyou for your attention,


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ok... it was - again - the french translation that had a "%s" more than needed in the text containing the link...


But now that it works by presetting the topic title & link into the e-mail content I see the received e-mail contains the email_greenting_member string in the header of the e-mail... So, if you're sharing a topic with someone else, it will send an e-mail to someone else but addressed to yourself (!) 

Example : I Zorro_X want share by e-mail a topic with Bernardo, so I send him a sharing e-mail and Bernardo will receive something like

"Hi Zorro_X,
I want to share with you this topic : e-mail sharing not working - http://...." !!!

Something is wrong here...

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