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could you enable the use of "add messages" for contributors in the market place? there are times it would come in handy to have, to notify of a big change that needs special attention or something. as a lot of folks don't read the "changelog" and there have been times where i get flooded with PM's and support, and the cause/fix/solution/whatever has been in the changelog. so it being more "visible" would be a big boost imho.


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7 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Messages is a moderator permission. I don’t think they will give us mod rights. 

it would improve the market for the authors IMHO to allow us to pass important information at the POS instead of all the way down at the end of the description the changelog where many probably don't go down to venture and its not liked they are locked out of their own software they could override it in \IPS\downloads\File with something like this and/or add it as a category perm or something "Allow Authors to use Item Messages" or something.

	 * Can perform an action on a message
	 * @param	string				The action
	 * @param	\IPS\Member|NULL	The member, or NULL for currently logged in
	 * @return	bool
	 * @note This is a wrapper for the extension so content items can extend and apply their own logic
	public function canOnMessage( $action, \IPS\Member $member = NULL )
		if( \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id == $this->submitter ){
			return true;
		return parent::canOnMessage( $action, $member );


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4 hours ago, bfarber said:

I don't know that we can give you moderator access in the marketplace, but I've raised the suggestion internally of allowing content authors to set content messages.

not asking for moderator control, just the ability to use the "add message" feature :). in downloads i think it would be far more useful to the author than a moderator. but thanks for any improvements you can do there :)

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