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 [PAID] word filter for already existing words 


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Hello! I need to have a word filter that will exchange existing words into whatever. 

its a feature currently NOT in the software, it was available to me at the vbulletin 10 years ago, and had been using it..


i know from IPS support they may be planning to add it to future versions, but I cannot wait untill then,

and need to know  how much it would cost to have it sooner than that (also in case they wont do it).    thank you!!


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I guess you could make an app for this... but if all you need is to replace words from forum posts... you could manually query the database in the ACP SQL Toolbox.

Maybe I'm not understanding properly what you want to achieve... but this may be what you need to replace 1 word for another in forum posts.

UPDATE forums_posts SET post = REPLACE( post, 'old_word', 'new_word' );


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