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Did you red my post? Ive put it there, but nothing happens.

It is in display field settings on custom option. If pasting this code will enought how can I set where this button will appears? I have 3 columns for 3 different types of user. I want it to apear on end of 3rd list, like on your demo.

display custom format.png

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Ok, button now appears 🙂 Thank you. It has some strange cache. It will appear after few minutes someteimes. Im using incognito mode on browser, and ever then I must wait some time to make it appear on web. I think it may be related with that is block from db.

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Hello! @opentype

On desktop, it's showing the full listings. On mobile, it only shows one field item. Why is that? How can I get it to show all field items on mobile?

I noticed on your demo page it says this: "These are some more detailed information, that are automatically hidden on mobile and in the carousel view."

How does one hide or, in my case, un-hide?






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9 minutes ago, breatheheavy said:

Hello! @opentype

On desktop, it's showing the full listings. On mobile, it only shows one field item. Why is that?

From the installation PDF:


On the last tab of the field settings, choose Above the field content for fields that should always show or Below the field content for optional information, that will be hidden on mobile devices and in the carousel view.


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5 minutes ago, Ocean West said:

Greetings is there a way to constrict the plugging to a specific category of records?

My goal is to display 4 blocks of categories Platform they click one then it takes them to the blocks of record for that particular category.

I guess it could be used this way, but it will only show “records”, so you would have to create a new database where the records represent your categories. Not sure that’s a good idea unless it solves something that couldn’t be done with categories normally. 

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