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1 hour ago, PPlanet said:

firstly to ask if I can relink them

It’s a block like any other. You just drag the database widget from the sidebar manager and pick the database. 

1 hour ago, PPlanet said:

and secondly to check if you experienced any conflict between these two templates. 

Nope. Combining the page templates and the block should work fine in general. Done that myself many times. 

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I bought and installed it yesterday without much issues. I'm happy with the final outcome of the price lists. ?

Just a small suggestion, which I think it's important. I don't know if it is my template or not, but I would suggest you to increase the padding between lists in the mobile version.
For example, I added a button at the bottom of the 4 lists ( columns) and in the mobile version you can't be sure what column the buttons belongs to because there is exactly the same space in vertical for everything. It's just one after the other. I guess, this is something related to the CSS

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Is there a way with SuperList (and any of the Super* block plugins) to change the displays per block?

With all the settings in the plugin itself, each block created takes on those settings, as I understand it.

I was hoping to change the settings for each block that uses the SuperList format.

THanks, Mike

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Hi @opentype,

I've just installed the most recent version of SuperList on a test install of 4.4.1.  I have 6 items so there's a carousel view, but as you can see there are some problems:


As you can see the descriptive text spills outside the List Item boxes.  I saw this issue from another user and you said it might be due to "very bad test strings" or something; I originally copy/pasted LOrem Ipsum but then replaced that with a couple of simple sentences, but no matter what I do the text still messes things up.

Moreover - and it might be because of the text issue - the carousel doesn't work.

Am I missing something?  Thanks!

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Ok, Ive just bought it and installed it. I thought it will be much easier - that I will click, click and have pretty list like home.jpg.74ff0cbfe5cbd7f93b77fe409334d6d 


Ok, so I have sth like this now:


How to make it look similar to yours? 🙂 I want to make simple comparison between guest, member, and premium member. 

I think that I must paste some code into custom fields in db, but what exactly?

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Yes, I saw it, but Im not the developer. I thought, that it will be all automatic looks like on the screen. On 1st post I saw only to make url buttons, and some big fonts. It is elements of that what I see on screen, but only some parts. Could you send me please whole code to paste it and make look like into your screen on IPS Market please? I will put there our member types and pluses of been member.

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There is no “whole code”. Every line in the demo is it’s own field, and which fields you create is totally up to you. 

Looking at your link, you have the basic setup done. Now you need to create the custom fields you want to show. 

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To be honest Im a little bit disappointed. Im not the programmer. I bought this plugin for one simple thing - to make lists for premium users/normal users like in demo. What Ive exactly got? View of few columns one site? And thats it? Rest of styling I must do by myself? Sorry, but making 3 columns for my programmer would be not so difficult I think. I thought that Im buying complete, ready view to put on site (out of box).

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33 minutes ago, wegorz23 said:

 Im buying complete, ready view to put on site (out of box).

The point of the plugin is to be used for ANY kind of list, as my demo page shows. A member benefit list and a YouTube video list are completely different. That’s why there is no “complete code” or anything as you ask for. That’s impossible. It’s meant to be used for whatever fields you want to set up. So that’s a part you need to do for yourself. I even went so far as to give the example code as used on my demo site so anyone who likes this display can replicate it. 

4 minutes ago, wegorz23 said:

Where exactly I need to pust this code? 

That’s all explained in the instructions PDF. 

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4 minutes ago, wegorz23 said:

1. hide view from database - it duplicates the view of the list

Every Pages database needs to be placed on a page. But you are not supposed to place the SuperList block on the same page. Just put it on a different page, like your homepage, or forum page or wherever you like. 

4 minutes ago, wegorz23 said:

2. remove sign Records on this site.

That’s a setting in the SuperList plugin settings. 

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Sorry but Im not the programmer as I said. SuperGrid was very good - users gets very nice experience out of box and can customize it on his own way. Customizing is good, and putting our content is also good, but what exactly gives me that plugin? Few columns view without styling? Its not so much at start. 

Ok, sign records is already cut by myself. But still fighting with db view.

9 hours ago, opentype said:

That’s all explained in the instructions PDF. 

Ive red it, and I put the code there, but nothings happens 🙂

Ive put first code (Turning an URL field into a buttom:) into custom position, but I think, that I need to add this button somehow on my list in place where I want.

Could you tell me please how make this code start to work? Puting code is done, but how to use it on list, how to make it appear in place I want?

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On 4/1/2019 at 12:04 PM, wegorz23 said:

Could you tell me please how make this code start to work? 

I don’t know what to tell you. The PDF explains in which field you need to put the customization. The first post says it as well:


It needs to be an URL field and the code goes into the “display field settings”. That’s it. There is nothing else to do to “make it work”. 

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