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IP.Content/Pages Image Display Problem


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Looking for some suggestions or guidance on how to do this, since I'm not even sure if this is possible.

Currently, my license includes IP.Board, IP.Content and IP.Gallery and I've made good use from IP.Content as a news portal for my site. Now, I use small graphics that appear to the left side of every news article I post and I'm getting a bit tired of uploading the graphic image to each article I post, which is resulting in a lot of wasted space on my site being used by the same image over and over again. I'm looking for some method to be able to simply link to the image via an image url hosted on my site.

Now, before anyone jumps the gun, I'm not looking for the image to be displayed within the article, I'm already aware of that feature, and linking to the image within the article will not display the image next to the news article as it appears on the main index page of my site. I've posted a screenshot about how the news articles appear on the index page I have set up for IP.Content/Pages.


My problem isn't getting the image to appear. It works fine with uploading an image every time I post an article, I just want to be able to simply link to the image instead of wasting a lot of space on my website by uploading the same image over and over again each time I create a news article. It's starting to become tedious. These images are starting to waste a lot of space on my site and I'm about to go through and purge a lot of these images. I'm just looking for a better way to have the image displayed without uploading it over and over again.

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There is no easy way to have reusable image for this. It needs customization. 

You can create a new custom field (e.g. select field) for your article database which let’s you choose the topic/image. 
Then in the listing/display template, you remove the Record_Image field and let it show the image URL from your topic selector field. 

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