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4.2.4: Error when trying to split post

Gabriel Torres

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I can't reproduce that, sorry. Tested on 424 (installed yesterday so its fresh)

I have tried splitting a post from the end of the topic (aka the last post) to a new topic, then again the last post to add to an existing topic. I also then tried the above two tests using a post in the middle of the topic too,

Four separate tests in all.

I'm not saying its not happening. :) Just I cannot personally reproduce it.


Not 100% sure how you're getting that actual error, the only immediate thought (unlikely) apart from the URL being wrong somehow is perhaps if the URL is for a second or subsequent page but that seems unlikely as its placed into the topic in the appropriate place anyway via how they are ordered/displayed aka date/time...

Do you have an error code to go along with the message ? It might not be too helpful but its worth a look...

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For future reference, if you find something not working correctly the best course of action is to submit a ticket. Randomly picking a developer and tagging them on the forums here is no guarantee the issue will be looked into (I could, for instance, have notifications turned off for when someone mentions me...or I could be on a vacation).

That said, I've received a similar report from another client through the correct channels and will be looking into this today. Feel free to submit a ticket in the mean time as well, if you wish.

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1 hour ago, AndyF said:

Do you have an error code to go along with the message ?

The error shows up as an interstitial page, so no error code is displayed.

@bfarber Lindy asked me not to use IPS support system, because our community has too many third-party apps and plugins. Because of that, my current course of action is to open a topic here and see if any other user can confirm the potential issue before I mention a developer. That said, I owe you an apology, as I should have waited for other forum owners to confirm whether they are experiencing the same issue or not, before mentioning you (and only if it was confirmed to be a bug). Sorry, it won't happen again.



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