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Backstretch - Backgrounds [ support topic ]


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Just now, romanov_sky said:


i get the this error page after i install this plugin and run main domain. Screenshot is attached. Can you help?

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 01.01.21.png

If you disable the plugin do you still get the issue?

Try to use

ACP > System > Support >  Something isn't working correctly

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Just now, romanov_sky said:

no, once i disable plugin i get no issue
yes, i tried the support tool, still getting this error.. ;(

I cant reproduce this, all works fine here

What IPS version are you using? 

Also, disable all your plugins then enable only backstretch and check if the error still appears 

also, try to use the default ips theme and not any other custom themes to check.

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