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Option to сhange notification sound


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+1 from me! :thumbsup:

Totally agree with this, it is a pain to remember and to FTP in and overwrite the default notification if your community uses a customised sound file. It's even more fiddly using an iPad to do it with the rather good FTP Client Pro app, you have to copy your own sound effect file, paste it inside another folder, rename it to notification, then move it back to the original folder, then agree to overwrite the existing file. 

I think it should be an option in the theme settings page where you can upload a new favicon and logo. Then it would be per theme, even better. 


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On 9/13/2017 at 2:59 AM, Mr 13 said:

I know, but it is not a solution because it getting overridden with every upgrade. We need to have an option to upload it directly from ACP and don't lose this change with every upgrade.

It won't get overridden unless you're uploading the full set of files every upgrade.

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